About last week and more

Lately I’ve felt relatively busy and last week I decided to take some pictures of the week in order to capture how my weeks sometimes look like. The fact is each week is different from each other and I couldn’t be happier about that.



On Monday I wore my new top from Zara as well as Toms that are the most comfortable shoes ever (yes- even more so than the heels which I usually torture my feet in:D) Plus how great is it that form each purchased pair they donate one pair to children around the world.

monday work.jpg

Like always, I walked to the office and back. I love those quiet walks especially in the mornings when I can just totally unwind before everything gets all busy and hectic.


Workout at the gym and later dinner in bed while watching Ted Talk. I am so happy my new gym has a proper ab wheel!

Monday 2.jpg


On Tuesday I had a training session after which I went to the office and continued working at home until late in the evening. I was preparing for a presentation that took place Wednesday morning. Tuesday wasn’t all about artificial intelligence but I have to admit I am truly fascinated by it. Actually so much that I signed up for a AI-course arranged by University of Helsinki. Now I only need to find time to actually complete it. 😉


Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday and Thursday were normal work days and later I ate outside and treated myself with mani-pedi and packed for my upcoming trip. I chose white for finger nails and pink for my toes and as always I was super happy afterwards.

white nails.jpg


On Friday morning we flew to Milan from where we continued to Riva. All days from Saturday until Tuesday morning were filled with work and on Tuesday evening we travelled back home. I have to say Riva is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited and I am so grateful that I got to go there. Somehow the place reminded me of Sicily which I absolutely loved a few years ago.


Italian food- my favourite type of food. Tuna on the left and fruit filled with ice cream on the right. We had so many amazing dishes- unfortunately I did not take many pictures as I wanted to be fully present.

italian food.jpg

Tuesday before going home. Not very tanned I have to say but hey you cannot have it all can you? 😀


I was back home after midnight on Tuesday but went to work still yesterday. I actually got rewarded for good work with my project which made me really happy. Later in the evening I cooked some pesto pasta- so slowly getting back to reality..

new week.jpg

Although based on this week it could be easily assumed that my life is all about work but gladly there is much more to it- some weeks are just busier than others. Tomorrow I am off to Oulu where I will spend midsummer- I can’t wait <3