Busy bee catch up

Hei pitkästä aikaa! Päätin tulla jälleen jakamaan nopeasti vain kuulumisia, vaikka minulla olisi mielessä myös useita aiheita, joista haluaisin kirjoittaa kunhan vain ehdin. Tällä hetkellä päällimäisenä mielessä on tosiaan kiire, mutta onneksi melko positiivisella tavalla. Nautin nimittäin aidosti kaikista niistä asioista, jotka tällä hetkellä pitävät minua kiireisenä. Ensi viikonloppuna tarkoitukseni on kuitenkin viettää pitkästä aikaa “me-timea”, jota totta puhuakseni introverttimieleni jo vähän kaipaileekin- ken siis tietää, ehkä pääsen myös pitkästä aikaa kirjoittamisen makuun!

Hi sweeties. It has been pretty hectic during the past weeks, but I wanted to come and post a few pictures from Vappu (1st of May) which was in the beginning of the week. To be honest I haven’t always appreciated this holiday. For some reason it just felt like one of those times when you are almost forced to come up with fancy plans and it just ends up feeling stressful and unnecessary. However this year we decided to not make a single plan and just go with the flow and do whatever seemed like a good idea at the moment. That felt good and I feel like I finally get Vappu now. 😀 Also ps. how crazy was I to dislike a holiday that traditionally includes brunch to begin with?!

Vappu balloon1. The cutest balloon which I got from the office 2. A non-edited selfie that shows the reality of a relatively tired face. In fact I decided to give myself a little late night facial last night which resulted into me look much worse. So typical I have to say.. (note to my future self: avoid giving facials when you are tired it never turns into anything good)

Via Tribunali Helsinki
3. & 4. I apologise for the amount of pizza pictures in this blog lately! This time we tried Via Tribunali on Sofiankatu and the place was lovely. According to Tripadvisor this is the number one pizza place in Helsinki but I have to disagree since despite being great, I have had better. 

Brunch at Sandro Helsinki

5. & 6. Vappu brunch at Sandro was a great success and we had a really good time. I am definitely a brunch person.

Helsinki in May
7. City filled with people on Monday 8. A piece of Amsterdam in Ullanlinna part of Helsinki

I am really looking forward to the weekend especially since I will mainly focus on relaxing and spending some “me-time” which is, especially after a lot of socialising, the perfect plan for an introvert like myself.  Have a good one!