Weekend in pictures

Happy Monday everybody! Here are some pictures from the weekend, which really felt like a mini getaway. I really hope this weather continues (forever)- I am completely in love with Spring.


1. I spend majority of my time at home in my robe- so comfy 2. We walked 10k on both Friday and Saturday- the weather was just too beautiful to do anything else

Weekend 3.jpg

3. A great Sushi place on Mannerheimintie 4. Stopped counting the rounds at some point 😉


5. Stopped by for a coffee at Robert’s Coffee located in Stockmann and it was warm enough to enjoy it outside 6. Getting to know Helsinki– at times (read: all the time) I felt (and probably also looked) like a real tourist 

weekend 6.jpg

7. We also visited the Crazy Days for a few minutes but it was a bit too crowded in my opinion.. I actually still ended up finding  a lovely pair of shoes but they didn’t have my size so I ordered them online (among few other things..) 8This picture sums up this weekend

saturday.jpg9 & 10. We met our friend couple for a drink in the city center (so nice catching up!) and continued to dinner later

Sunday consisted of watching Modern Family Season 9 in bed and getting up only to go to grocery store- perfect if you ask me.

I wish you all a great start for the new week!