Past week recap & some pictures

Okay, let’s continue from where we left of in the last NYC update.

Last Friday we had dinner at Bobwhite Counter, located in the East Village. Both food and service were great. It was actually my first time trying mac and cheese, which we shared (usually I hate sharing food- this was just an exception :D)


On Saturday we walked around West Village and SoHo. Both neighbourhoods are very trendy and ‘hip’. However unlike in the midtown there are no skyscrapers and the atmosphere is much more authentic and ‘village-like’. ps. the small townhouse in the picture is in the market for 5 million, so the area is also quite popular- but hey if anyone’s interested..

Sunday was a great day too and we spent it in Brooklyn. There was a Sunday market in Dumbo area where people sold clothes, jewellery, furniture, food etc. We also decided to walk across the Brooklyn bridge back to Manhattan, the bridge is almost 2 km long and extremely pretty.

We took the metro to Brooklyn and it was our first time using metro here. I have to say that I absolutely hated it. I am claustrophobic and it was hot and crowded in addition to which the metro was old, dark and loud. By the end of the ride I was deeply traumatised and swore I would never take it again but at the end of the day I was so tired I had to eat my words and become a respectul metro-rider again. 😀 Tip to fellow claustrophobics: come here during summer so you can bike everywhere and don’t need to take the metro 😀


On Monday we ‘visited’ Harlem, meaning my travel company was so scared we had to walk directly to Upper East side. 😀 I however really much liked the ghetto atmosphere and could have stayed longer! We also tried to visit the Guggenheim museum but it was already closed so we just went to the gift shop.. Mondays plan to “visit Harlem and Guggenheim” was not a great success. 😀 The day was a lot of fun anyway- we worked out in the morning, took the cab for the first time in the city and had a delicious lunch and dinner. 🙂 Tuesday is a bit of a mystery day for us and we cannot fully remember what we did! We tried looking for pictures and even receipts from the day but we were unable to find anything worth mentioning. Most likely we walked around Manhattan without a real purpose- just enjoying. 🙂

On Wednesday we went to the cinema. We chose Angelika film center, where I believe the movies are a bit less mainstream. We saw a movie called “the only living boy in New York”. Despite the fact that Cynthia Nixon and Pierce Brosnan were on it, it was not the greatest movie I have seen, but the experience for sure was great. Going there I successfully waved a cab for the first time and walking home while admiring the lit Chrysler building felt unreal.


Thursday was a new museum day that started with going to Guggenheim only to hear it is always closed on Thursdays.. Gladly the gift shop was already a familiar place for us. 😀 We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where you can yourself decide what you want to pay for entrance fee. According to my travel guide it would take a week to see all the pieces in the gallery.. We decided to focus on Egyptian section but got totally lost. At one point a security guard asked if we needed help as we had walked by him already three times. 😀 Just as a tip- reserve plenty of time to visit the MET, it can also take a week to get out of there

Friday (today) was probably the greatest day so far- went to a sex and the city tour! The tour lasted about 3,5 hours during which we the tour bus took as to all the iconic places where the show was filmed while the tour guide told us about the show and played some clips. It was not a traditional tour as the tour guide was not only a SATC fan but also a stand up comedian who was not afraid of swearing and telling inappropriate jokes. All and all it was a lot of fun and I can recommend it for all the fans of the show visiting New York. 🙂


Now it is time to get some sleep so we can take the most out of the weekend as well. Hope you all have a good one!