Three things

3 things I like…

  • air after rain
  • white roses
  • the smell of coffee

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3 things I don’t like…

  • rush in the mornings
  • cramped places
  • people with no manners

3 things I am good at…

  • keeping promises
  • giving advice
  • supporting others

3 things I am not good at…

  • patiently waiting
  • keeping in touch
  • reading maps

3 things I would like to know how to do..

  • speak fluent Spanish
  • take better pictures
  • stop worrying

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3 things I should do…

  • reply all my unanswered messages
  • sell the clothes I don’t use anymore
  • meet up with some relatives

3 things I stress about…

  • keeping in touch with everyone
  • not having enough time to do everything I want
  • handling all official things in the right way

3 things that make me relax…

  • working out
  • driving
  • writing things down

3 things I like wearing…

  • leggings 😀
  • morning robe
  • underwear

3 things I wouldn’t want to wear…

  • tacky minidresses
  • army pants
  • manly shoes

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3 things I dream about…

  • staying healthy
  • living abroad
  • maintaining a happy life

3 things I am afraid of…

  • losing someone I love
  • failing
  • letting people down

3 things I wish would happen in the near future…

  • getting some clarity for the future
  • booking flights
  • ending of Pepsi Max cravings (haven’t had any in few weeks!)

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