Alphabet of my life

With so much going on right now I decided to realise the alphabet of my life. Hope you’ll find something relatable. 🙂
Not necessarily work or career related, but in general I possess a strong desire to achieve- once I know what I want of course. 😀
For me it is always all or nothing and I have to continiously focus to find balance in everything I do.
I believe my love for coffee has already been widely established so coconuts it is. I love everything coconutty, even my shower gel smells like it.
I don’t know much about cars but I do love driving them (fast)- it makes me feel very relaxed. When I drive alone (which is most of the time because according to my friends and family I am not a very good driver?!:D) I tend to listen to music very loudly.
I strongly believe in ‘creating a life you don’t need a vacation from’, however I love small get-a-ways during the weekends. Distance provides me with much needed perspective and enables me to fully focus on the person I am spending time with. I aim to be able to take even more small breaks in the future.
Friendship is not something I take lightly and therefore there are not many things I would not do for my friends. My friends (old and new) are very important to me and I personally think you can never have too many true friends.
I practice gratitude on a daily basis- there is simply so much to be grateful for.
As an introvert I need some time to recover from social sitatuons. I rarely go out just for the sake of going out and I really enjoy time alone. Being an introvert does not mean being particularly shy in my case.
Especially the people who make me smile and laugh every day.
No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted
Especially the uncodinitional type 😉
Call me crazy but I strongly believe in true love that lasts for a lifetime.
Make up
During summer I spend a lot of time without make up however that doesn’t change the fact that I really enjoy doing my make up and getting ready to go somewhere (where I really want to go :D).
I am happy to be godmother to this wonderful princess
Breakfast, lunch, dinner.. Very mature I know.
Positive attitude
I strive for postive life and have managed to surround myself with positive people.
Our own attitude (& how we react) determines everything.
Quality time
Friends, family or sometimes just by myself- the best type of time.
Romantic comedies
Is there one I haven’t yet seen?
Doing sports makes me happy every single day.
To do lists
I like making lists about everything and I receive great satisfaction when I get to tick off things.
Whereas in the past I used to compare everything I have fallen in love with the beauty of being different and one of a kind.
Sun makes me feel energised. I am a summer person (although I am also a Christmas enthusiast).
If I was a song I would definitely be wonderwall (so proud of myself for not typing wine here, would have been so obvious)
I am for sure a hugger (with strangers my private zone is however very appreciated..)
In my own opinion I am quite the rap artists (:D) and I feel like a true badass when I remember all the lyrics to some hip hop song. When I was young everyone had a msn messenger name- mine was jennizka (:D) which I think would totally go as an artist name in the future…. 😀
I eat courgette almost everyday simply because that is the most easily chopped vegetable (I hate dicing food). When I prepare food for someone I like I might even prepare broccoli 😉
Have a lovely Sunday! 🙂